Why Workshops?


Good time management needs skills like learning to say NO, or efficiently prioritising your to-do list, having clarity around where your time slips away and so much more!


This is what Sarah Higgins said after a workshop:
‘I learned more than I even thought possible, and came out of it more confident than I would have thought possible too!’


Workshops are a great not just to learn but to make new connections, new partnerships. It is an opportunity to find others who can support you on your journey to betterment.

Workshop Types

The Blueprint to Life-Work Harmony

Is for small business owners and professionals who want…
    o more time for the important things in          business and life
    o to improve their relationship with 
      their time
    o to become proactive not reactive
    o to be organised not disorganised
    o to feel in control and achieve their goals.

What can you expect from it…
A boost in your mindset for better use of your time.
2. Tips and tricks on how to improve your relationship with your time.
3. A 7 steps method to help you become a better planner through your planner

and much more!
When: 3rd Monday of the Month

Make Friends With Your Planner

This Masterclass is FREE to attend online.

When: each 1st Monday of the month at 8pm AEST.

Registration is a must!

It is 30 minutes each month on best planner use practices and better productivity tips to help you make the most of your time, use your planner at it's full potential and help you on your journey to make friends with your own time.

When: 1st Monday of the Month 8pm

Better Habits for Better Productivity

Come along if you want to better understand how our use of time, communication and behavior styles are affecting our planning and the ability to stick to a plan!

Let's find out how can we change habits to become more productive so we can achieve our goals and create the life we dream and deserve!

Hosted by: 
Ildi Racz from The Time Fix &
Pooja Kelkar from ReAline YOU
When: 7th of September 2021 - 9am to 4pm - Online

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