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Are you ready  to start making friends with your time?

We all seek that perfect work/life balance. When we don't have it we blame a lack of time.
The real challenge, we found is people's relationship with their time.
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What can you do when no matter what you do,
time still slips away?

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The Secret to Why You Don't Have Enough Time

This 90 minutes session is a designed to help you start understanding your unique relationship with time through unveiling the secrets locked within your unique behavioural profile.

The aim  is to:
1. Understand your unique behavioural time mindset
2. Refine your individual workstyle by helping you stop overwhelm and procrastination through better awareness
3. Help you better understand yourself and those around you

The key to better time mindset and productivity starts with understanding and accepting YOU!

The Time Fix Program

This program is a fast track reset program designed to help you start making friends with your time.

When you are tired of time management tips that don't work and you are ready to start creating sustainable change towards better productivity and better time mindset, then this program is the right choice for you.

How can we help you:

1. We start with unpacking what is your relationship with your time based on your behavioural patterns.
2. Then we reset the way you view time and your personal relationship with your time.
3. Finally we start creating tailored solutions that will lead to sustinable change for better productivity.

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  • When I first met Ildi I thought it was impossible to squeeze anymore time out of my day without me being absolutely burnt out. Ildi’s time management strategies have helped me to work more efficiently, become more organised and discover between 2.5 to 3 hours extra each day which I am now putting to good use. I am now exceeding my targets and feeling far more in control both at work and at home which has really brought the stress levels down and has had a positive effect on my whole life.

    Alyson Gale

    Associate Lawyer, Resolve Conflict Family Lawyers
  • I cannot recommend Ildi from The Time Fix enough. Her strategic plans and straight forward thinking has given me clarity around my working days and given me more of a work life balance. The colour coding is very effective in showing me how much time I am giving myself and how much time I am giving to the company I work for. This relieves the stress that can come so easily when working for my organisation and allows me to be one step ahead of the game at all times. Seeing as stress is the biggest killer of corporate humans it is vital that the system of time management that Ildi is able to create in a bespoke fashion for each of her clients becomes common place in the corporate world. Let’s hope that in years to come, companies not only see the value of it for the company but that it becomes part and parcel of workplace health and safety codes.


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    Energy Efficiency Professional

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