Change Your Journey
Make Friends With Your Time!

The Time Fix Program

13 weeks fast track 1 to 1 coaching program  12 months care and support platform

Time is Money.

We all heard this saying. If you want to make the most of your time and create a better life, then this program is just for you!


Seeking the perfect work/life balance, we often blame the lack of time.

The real challenge is our relationship with our time. What do we do with our time?
How do we use it to achieve our ideal work/life balance?

Who is this program for?
Those who are:

💚 Tired of chasing their to-do lists all of the time and want better time management skills.
💚 Want to achieve their goals and grow a successful business.
💚 Desire a better work-life balance and have more time for the things that matter.
💚 Are ready to build better habits for effective and sustainable growth.
💚 Are committed to doing the work for a better life.

What will you learn?

💚 How to build informed choices that prioritise your time.
💚 How to set achievable goals that lead to greater rewards.
💚 How to create a doable plan that reflects your goals and inspires you.
💚 How to regain precious hours in your week to spend how you want.
💚 How to create more time for what you value the most, every week.
💚 How to improve your personal self–awareness and self-management.

What is the Time Fix program?

💚 Is a tailored 13 weeks program designed to help you reset your relationship with your time.

💚 It is designed for those who want to become planners and want time to be an asset that works in their favor.

💚 It is also a program designed to help you improve your productivity and the way you relate to time, with practical solutions that will help you create the life you dream and deserve.

💚 Lastly, it is a program that creates a sustainable support net so you can create long term change.

What is my investment

$3700 incl GST payed upfront

$3900 AUD incl GST
when payed over 3 months:
$1300 AUD/month x 3 months

$4200 AUD incl GST
when payed over 12 months:
$350 AUD/month x 12 months

Total value of the program is $6800 AUD - saving you over $2600 AUD

The Time Fix Support Membership

12 Months
💚 Time Fix Toolbox
💚 E-mail support
💚 Exclusive Masterclass on the last Friday of the month
💚 Exclusive Facebook Support Group
💚 10% discount through the Antplanners shop for the duration of the subscription
💚 10% discount on all our Workshops for the duration of the subscription



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