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Ildi Racz The Time Fix

I am Ildi Racz the founder and owner of The Time Fix.

We transform businesses by giving 2 to 6 more hours in a week to each team member in your team.

We all seek the perfect work/life balance and we often blame the lack of time. What we found is that the real challenge is your relationship with your time.

A team that has a positive time mindset, is more productive in achieving business and life goals.

I'd love to discuss with you how adding this extra time to your team could transform your business.
Ildi Racz

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With over 5 years experience in better time management and time mindset, we are solution focused to help teams and individuals find their perfect recipe to better productivity.
We also believe that within a team, the ideal productivity is affected by the way the individuals view, understand and respect time, this is why building a common time language is crucial in creating a focused, respectful and productive work environment.
Our mission is to empower small business owners,professionals, and their teams to improve their productivity through better time mindset and time management.

Our programs, consultations and workshops are here to support you to plan, organise and prioritise work and life.

What others say about us...

Alyson Gale 

Associate Lawyer,
Resolve Conflict
"When I first met Ildi I thought it was impossible to squeeze anymore time out of my day without me being absolutely burnt out.
Ildi’s time management strategies have helped me to work more efficiently,become more organised and discover between 2.5 to 3 hours extra each day which I am now putting to good use. I am now exceeding my targets and feeling far more in control both at work and at home which has really brought the stress levels down and has had a positive effect on my whole life."

Andrew Smith

Strategic Advisor,
Lennox Strategic
"I had the good fortune to be a participant in one of Ildi's online workshops. I must admit,I went into it thinking I was okay with my time and how I used it. However, Ildi opened my eyes to appreciate my time in a completely new and engaging way.
I recommend Ildi and her work without reservation.

By all means contact me if you'd like to know more."

Peter Casamento

Director and Photographer, Casamento Photography
"Ildi helped me face some awkward truths in my own challenges with time in the nicest way possible. One lesson I found most beneficial was learning to block time in advance, and the importance of then honoring my time by fiercely defending the non-negotiable personal and professional activities in my planner.
Ildi has a unique perspective on time and I highly recommend her services."
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