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Episode 29 - Time is money!

Time is money! We often hear. But who can relate to this sentence and is time really money to all of us? Listen to episode 29 of The Time Fix podcast to find out more and learn about the Dominant archetype and their relationship with time, based on the EDISC model.

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Episode 28 - You Can't Use Old Thinking To Win In Today's Economy

Not that that long ago I was invited to be one of 4 speakers at an event that was talking about the fact that you can't use old thinking to win in today's economy. Needless to say, this topic is 100% up my alley as I do believe that the future of productivity is changing […]

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Episode 27 - What Does Time Mean To You?

Episode 27 is a brief introduction into behavioural archetypes and their relationship with time. If you have listened to the previous few podcast episodes of the Time Fix Podcast, then you heard me talk about: change, decision making and their connection to behaviour. You also heard me talk about how behavioural archetypes affect our relationship […]

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Episode 26 - Decision Making and Time Mindset

The topic of Episode 26 is all about diving into what decision making looks like from the perspective of time mindset. As promised in the previous episode, we will dig a little further into different aspects of our day to day productivity and time mindset and before we jump into better understanding the different behavioral archetypes and their relationship with time.

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Episode 25 - Change and Time Mindset

The topic of this podcast came from a very common issue and that is, how do we deal with change from the perspective of behaviour, productivity and time mindset. How does change affect our relationship with our time? It is a topic we don't often talk about as change is regarded as a necessity. But […]

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Episode 24 - What is the difference between time mindset and time management?

What is the difference between time mindset and time management? Can we manage time? How can we still become productive? How is this productivity connecting with our relationship with our time? These are some of the questions that are covered in this podcast. Do you want to know more about the difference between time mindset […]

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Episode 23 - Time Mindset overview

What is time mindset and why is it more important than time management.

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Episode 22 - Better Habits for Better Productivity

In Episode 22 I teamed up with the amazing Pooja Kelkar from ReAline You, who is a habit change practitioner, to talk about habits and productivity! We recorded this mini masterclass and hopefully by listening to it you will have a better understanding of how habits and productivity interconnect.

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Episode 21 - 'No.' is a full sentence

This episode is all about how did this short sentence: "NO!" shaped my life and the importance of knowing and understanding the power that lies in saying NO.

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Episode 20 - I'm too busy!

In this episode I am talking about another much used sentence: I'm too busy! How many times did you use it? And how many times have you heard it?But are we truly too busy? And what does this statement really mean? To find out more, listen to Episode 20!

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Episode 19 - I don't have time for this

Let's talk about the most commonly used sentence: I don't have enough time! Is it really true, and as one of our most commonly used time believes, is it serving us well or, is it just something we need to think about, be aware of it and maybe, just maybe change the way we use […]

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Episode 18 - Perseverence landed on Mars

How is this connecting with time management? Well it does! Because good timing, and then great planning

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