Change Your Journey
Make Friends With Your Time!

The Secret to Why You Don't have Enough Time

4th of December 2020
9.30am - 4pm

Hosted by:
Ildi Racz - The Time Fix
Casey Benjamin - The Courage Project

Is this for me?

Great question! The answer is YES if you are:
A small business owner or professional
Wanting to be more productive
Wanting to understand how your personality type affects the way you use your time
Wondering why planning is or isn't making you feel comfortable
Wanting more time for the important things in life.

Losing time, and goals and plans not working out for you, could be due to:

Lack of boundaries

It is easy to be distracted and we often say yes to things that do not serve us, making us dishonor our own boundaries, and causing us to run out of time. Setting boundaries is a key time management skill.

Lack of self worth

Does your lack of self belief gets in the way of your ability to focus? Understanding your core drivers will help you create your personal systems and processes that work for you. Helping you create a healthy time mindset and strengthening your self worth.

Your  personality type and behavior style

There's no "one size" fits all method of time management. Self awareness is foundational to finding a solution that works for you. Understanding how your personality type and preferred behavioral style is influencing the way you relate to time is one of the first steps in reclaiming your own time.
Why is this for ME?

With a little help, everyone can be great at time management and can create a plan to achieve goals and make dreams come true. We will reveal the secret to why you don't have enough time!

Michelle Green


Clarity and Strategy

I loved exploring my personality type to help me to assess and better understand my time management and planning habits. With both presenters, sharing tips and tricks, there were lots of gold nuggets to take away.
Having the space and time to do this, and in a room filled with other inspiring and motivated attendees, was so valuable. To have all the the building blocks in place before you start your planning - it's a jackpot!
I highly recommend this informative and hands on workshop, it's an opportunity to take your planning to the next level. Take the time out of your life and business to work on your business and life, to create balance and space for the things you want to do.

Your Investment

WHEN : 4th of December 2020,
                9.30am - 4pm
WHERE: Online


Ends on the 24th of NOV
GST incl


Last day for bookings is 2nd of DEC
GST incl

Meet the Team

The Time Fix - Ildi Racz

Ildi Racz

The Time Fix
My passion is to help small business owners change their relationship with their own time, to pave the way to achieving their goals and dreams.

Casey Benjamin

The Courage Project
As a Business and Leadership Coach I am passionate about helping those who want extraordinary lives and businesses to tap into their fullest potential and achieve success.

What will you take away from this workshop?

The basics of personality types

Learn about yourself and those who you live and work with.

Behaviour styles

Gain insights about how behaviour styles  affect people with your personality type so you can make powerful, positive changes.

Time and personality types

Understand and identify how can you tap into your strengths and find time aligned with who you are at heart.

Why goals and planning can be hard

Learn how personality types and behaviour affect personal views on goals and planning. Gain strategies on how to plan and set goals that are meaningful to you.


We will guide you to start implementing your newfound knowledge on the day!
You will take away invaluable practical skills.

Looking forward to seeing you at the workshop!

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