Change Your Journey
Make Friends With Your Time!

What if you could find enough time
in your day/ week/month to get all things done!
What if you could spend more time with those you love or you could do all those things you are right now postponing?

Please let me introduce you to the:

From No Time to More Time

A 10 weeks program to help you create more time when it really counts!  


Is this for me?

Great question! The answer is YES if you are:
A small business owner or professional
Wanting to be more productive
Wanting to have more time in your week
Wondering why planning is or isn't making you feel comfortable
Wanting more time for the important things in life.

Are you constantly struggling with fitting everything in your week?

Do you feel like there are not enough hours in the week?

If you feel like this, that could be because of a number of reasons...

Lack of boundaries

It is easy to be distracted and we often say yes to things that do not serve us, making us dishonor our own boundaries, and causing us to run out of time. Setting boundaries is a key time management skill.

Not having a plan at all to deal with tasks in a timely manner

Often, the main reason for not being organised and not having a plan, is the classic excuse: I just don't have enough time!
Since it seems like there is not enough time, you might wonder, why should you have  a weekly plan and how can having one ensure your success?

The answer is more simple then you think!

Inability to stick to a plan

There's no "one size" fits all method of time management. Self awareness is foundational to finding a solution that works for you. Understanding what you can do to protect your plan and even create more space in time for the important things is a key skill, many lack.
Why is this for ME?

With a little help, everyone can be great at time management and can create a plan to achieve goals and make dreams come true. Building new skills to not just create a weekly plan, but be able to stick to it is what this course is all about.
The Time Fix - Ildi Racz

Ildi Racz
The Time Fix

I was just like you...

I am missing the organised gene...
I know, this sound unbelievable, but it is true. 
I was just like you. 5 years ago, when I created the Antplanner, I needed a good planner because I was leaking time and struggling to get things done.

Over the last 5 years, I learnt a lot and developed my own  methodology to better time management and I realised that my passion is to help small business owners just like me change their relationship with their own time, to pave the way to achieving their goals and dreams.

This program is designed to give you a better insight and knowledge on step number 6 of my signature methodology, the step where we create the weekly plan, to help you get things done and still have more time for the important things in life.

Your Investment

STARTS: 4th of May 2021
WHERE: 10 weeks Online
WHAT is included:
🢚 A pre-recorded series of videos.
🢚 Workbooks
🢚 Worksheets
🢚 6 Live Q&A sessions Zoom (will be recorded for those who can not make it live)
🢚 FB support group and much more.


Ends on the 26 th of APRIL
GST incl


Last day for bookings is 4th of MAY
GST incl


What will you work on in this program:

Let's get started

Before we even start, let's talk about:
🢚 Do's' and Don't's of colour coding.
🢚 How much time do you really have?
🢚 Can you connect your goals with your planner?

Your weekly rhythm

A good week is a week well planned and designed:
🢚 The principals of creating a good weekly plan.
🢚 Common mistakes
🢚 The big question: digital or paper?

Let's make more time

This is where magic starts to happen:
🢚 What can you do, when there is no time left?
🢚 The power of reducing distractions.
🢚 Let's talk numbers and time

Protecting your plan

The art of not just making more time, but protecting it:
🢚 'No.' is a full sentence.
🢚 Daily/Weekly rituals and their role in protecting your plan.
🢚 How do I make everyone else know I am in the 'zone', please don't disrupt me!

The dreaded to-do list

The elephant in the room, or the ever growing to-do list:
🢚 Why to-do list's don't work for you.
🢚 A different way to think about your to-do list and how to integrate it with your plan.
🢚 Different ways and tips on how to control your to-do list and get things done.

Now, let's implement all this!

My favorite part! Implementation time!
There is only one thing more powerful than doing all you've learnt. Doing it and having support on the way.
🢚 4 weeks to start applying all you have learnt.
🢚 Don't worry, you're not alone! Use the Facebook Group or email for support and revisit frequently the modules in the course.

How to stay on track and the last check in

Before we finish:
🢚 Let's take it to the next level and let's talk about the power of reviewing your weekly plan.

Looking forward to being part of your journey!

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