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The Time Fix - Ildi Racz

Ildi Racz

Time Mindset Coach 
Founder and Owner of
The Time Fix & Antplanners

If I were to sum up who I am:
I am a cartographer, who builds the map of your time to help you live the life you want and deserve.
Would you like more time for the important things in your life?

Kirstin Wilson

Productivity Specialist
Wellness Educator
Co-Author - Antplanners for Wellness Advocates

I am helping small business mums to empower themselves, create abundance, and align with their purpose so they can take control of their time management and wellness; through aromatherapy, natural product solutions and time mindset masterclasses.
Do you want to align to your purpose and create abundance?
Let's have a chat!

The Time Fix

Change your Journey
Make Friends With Your Time

Our Why

Our passion is to help small business owners and professionals improve their relationship with their own time, enableing a better life-work harmony.


Our vision is to create a supportive, strong community where respecting our personal time and others time is at front of mind to be able to create the lives we all dream and deserve.


Our mission is to empower small business owners, professionals, and their teams through designing healthy time management habits that create a proactive time mindset  leading to business or professional success.

Our Values


Aspiring to grow is the core motivator to help you start on the road to change your journey.

Helping others Succeed

Helping others succeed allows you to become part of a bigger plan, one where your support and help becomes someone else's success.


True change can only come from within. We help you find your own authentic truth to a better time mindset and time management.

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